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Smart Goals

Age and Dementia-Friendly Winnemucca

A Humboldt County Project

Goals Based on Community Surveys and Team Discussion

SMART Goal #1 – Senior bus stop for downtown businesses – 4th and Bridge - Completed

SMART Goal #2 – Driver’s Education Training for certified senior instructor for Winnemucca - Completed


SMART Goal #3 – Concierge Service of Pleasant Center Senior bus - Completed


SMART Goal #4 – Benches and game tables ordered and installed - Completed


SMART Goal #5 – Walking, biking, and jogging trails marked and in good condition - In progress


SMART Goal #6 – Education and Awareness Campaign March + future date(s)


SMART Goal #7 – Public restrooms/family restrooms - readjusted to address need for family restrooms. (Will be addressed in conjunction with business training) - In progress


SMART Goal #8 – Map of Winnemucca historical sites located at key downtown locations - Under consideration


SMART Goal #9 – Additional flag crossing(s) by Highland Park - In progress


SMART Goal #10 – Wider advertisement of available transportation - In progress


SMART Goal #11 – Wider advertisement for leaf and snow removal - In progress


SMART Goal #12 – List for contractors of desired home features of seniors - Nearly ready for delivery


SMART Goal #13 – Create a HomeFit flyer to distribute residents and at our Education and Awareness Campaign events - Completed

SMART Goal #14 – Increased community awareness of our goals and endeavors through an Age-Friendly and Dementia-Friendly website ( - Completed


SMART Goal #15 – Expand social activities available to seniors including a walking club, bridge club, book club, etc. - In progress


SMART Goal #16 – Provide a business owner and employee training to offer knowledge and ideas for assuring the safety and independence of seniors as they age-in-place with a special emphasis on those with Alzheimer’s and other dementias - Upcoming


SMART Goal #17 – Support local artists and products through our website and flyers - In progress


SMART Goal #18 – Educate businesses on the importance of having benches or chairs available for those who want to shop but need a rest or for the caregiver who needs to shop and also must have a place for a loved one to be seated; encourage bench placement - Upcoming


SMART Goal #19 – Develop a Neighborhood Watch Program - In progress


SMART Goal #20 – Offer training for caregivers through the REST – Respite Education and Support Tools training January (2 sessions) - In progress


SMART Goal #21 – Continue with our 4 public awareness events about Alzheimer’s and other dementias: November – Turkey Trot; January – Tie-One-On; March – Community Health Fair; June – the Longest Day All in progress with plans for continuation

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