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Volunteers - All Skills Apply!

TFAD Recommendation #9


TFAD supports collaboration between various organizations including non-profits, service organizations, healthcare institutions, faith-based organizations, and high education which have existing programs to recruit and train volunteers in delivering support programs and services. This commitment to education infrastructure and support improves effectiveness which includes abundant training and train-the-trainer models that permit and build capacity among volunteers to share their knowledge along with reliable information on brain health, dependable tools, and up-to-date resources in communities while finding and recruiting residents to continue to learn more about Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Increased outreach and personal connections among volunteers and community members de-stigmatizes and reduces fear and misunderstanding associated with dementia through open conversation and ongoing education and engagement opportunities.

In supporting age- and dementia-friendly communities, volunteers will learn how to promote each person’s well-being, both the individual living with dementia and the family, as well as preserve personal dignity and respect in everyday community life. Competent and confident volunteers offer capabilities and wisdom in this vital role.

This has been a primary goal for me – to have informed community members who can love and support those living with dementia and their families. While the support of Nevada is valuable, so much of volunteering comes from the community itself – that’s what makes our work sustainable. We:

· Live here

· Enjoy life here

· Care about our community and its members

· Want to make a positive difference in the lives of others

Yes, I posted this last week as well, but truly, volunteering is valuable in so many ways. It brings joy to you and to anyone and anywhere you volunteer. You have talents and skills that NO ONE else possesses - absolutely!!

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