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TFAD Recommendation #1Statewide Information and Referral System

Blog #5

Nevada Task Force on Alzheimer's submitted 17 Recommendations to Governor Lombardo. A synopsis of these is coming as we work through them one by one.

Often people living with dementia are confused about resources and their personal needs. Medical professionals may hesitate to utter the words “Alzheimer’s” or “Dementia” because the diagnosis can be frightening. No, it is frightening! This recommendation enables those with dementia, caregivers, their family, and concerned people to connect with local care manager and supportive services.

Supportive Services can be reached through no wrong door partners through Nevada 2-1-1, Aging and Disabilities Resource Centers, Nevada Care Connections, Family Resource Centers, the University of Nevada Reno Caregiver Support Center, and other related information systems such as the Alzheimer’s Association (1-800272-3900) or me.

Education and knowledge are vital in facing a dementia diagnosis – and the sooner the better so that the best care plan can be created. It is essential that the one diagnosed play an active role, especially in the early stages, to ensure that wishes are met and the wishes and desires of the individual are adhered to.

In addition, a correct diagnosis rules out other potentials such as wrong medication, an infection, a different health issue such as diabetes or cardiovascular difficulties.

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