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Telehealth Makes a Difference for Rural Residents

TFAD Recommendation #2


Nevada is a large state with both metropolitan and rural areas. Telehealth services permit people to contact and connect with healthcare providers at home and through local hospital services. Telehealth promotes many things, in particular here, brain health. This includes topics such as:

· Reducing brain health risks

· Receiving a correct diagnosis of dementia

· Care planning

· Ongoing care management

· Support for quality of life and personal well-being

TFAD wants telehealth to be:

· Available

· Accessible

· Utilized effectively and efficiently

· Updated for the best information

· Used for follow-up resources

Telehealth saves travel, finances, and personal time. These are especially important for those living with dementia who find travel exhausting, overwhelming, and frightening.

FYI - If you would like to try a telehealth conference with your doctor but do not have a computer or iPad, ADF-Winnemucca can help. Just contact Gini

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