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Resources and Glossary for Alzheimer's and Dementia

Glossary and Resources

Alzheimer’s Helpline – 1-800-272-3900

Mild Cognitive Impairment – MCI; early stage marked by forgetfulness and small moments of confusion

Dementia – dementias including cardio vascular, frontal-temporal, and Lewy Body

Alzheimer’s disease – degenerative process as brain shrinks and memories fade

Support Groups – gatherings of like-minded people to help guide others through the morass of a variety of conditions and diseases

Respite – care offered so that caregivers can attend to the challenges of daily life while a loved one is watched over by a reliable friend or companion

Cultural Competence – working to understand differences and similarities of different cultural backgrounds

Building capacity – helping people advance skills and talents

Care partner versus Caregiver – in the words of the Winnemucca Alzheimer’s Support Group:

Care Partner is co-decision making in the early stages of dementia

Caregiver comes later when total responsibility rests with an individual caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or other dementia

Power(s) of Attorney – lawful rights to make medical and financial decisions when an individual is no longer able responsibly able to do so

Autonomy – personal, unalienable rights

Least Restrictive environment – prime conditions for living and striving in a safe and secure environment

Guardianship – a legal placement of an individual who can no longer make responsible decisions

Brain Health – taking good care of the brain through diet, exercise, stimulation, education, and reducing risky behaviors

Lifestyle Intervention – replacing risky behaviors with brain-wise alternatives

Communication – speaking, listening, gestures, actions, drawings, charts, pictures, eye contact, touch, and anything that helps get a message across to another person.

Triggers – new places, people, actions, behaviors that disrupt peace and harmony, changing a schedule, anything that invades a clam atmosphere. Knowing the triggers helps a caregiver avoid them.

Nevada 2-1-1 – information on just about every topic imaginable

Winnemucca Alzheimer’s Support Group – 1-775-304-2899

Police Department – 911

Winnemucca - 1-775-623-6396

Humboldt County Sheriff – 1-775-623-6419

Humboldt General Hospital – 1-775-623-5222

Age- and Dementia-Friendly Winnemucca and Humboldt County –

Winnemucca RSVP (Rural Senior Volunteer Program – transportation; care)


Humboldt Volunteer Hospice – 1-775-625-4040

Power Tools for Caregivers information and registration – 1-702-616-4912

Genesis Health Care – 1-775-625-1002

VARN – Volunteer Attorneys for Rural Nevada – 1-775-883-8296

Winnemucca Pleasant Senior Center – 1-775-623-9233

Sanford Center for Aging at UNR – 1-775-784-4774

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