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While we are spending time and energy focusing on Alzheimer's and other dementias for aging in place, there are so many other vital aspects of a community as years envelop us. For example, individuals with Parkinson's remain cognitively sound as physical abilities deteriorate. These people need support - especially friendship and understanding.

How about people who are loosing or have lost a loved one - regardless of the cause. They need support and love as well. Grief support groups help those who remain behind navigate the pain and sadness that accompany loss. I have always thought about the grief endured with Alzheimer's. Even though the loved one is still alive as the cognitive decline creates grieving because communication only comes in wisps or perhaps not at all. I would imagine there is a similar sense of grief with any disease, any heartfelt loss. Feelings of fright, aloneness, isolation... all must abound. How can we best reach out to and assist those in need?

My Dad died suddenly - from blood clots after a routine hernia operation. I did not suffer prolonged days or weeks as he died. Instead it was immediate and equally as hurtful, especially when I linked his death to all of my mental "would have", "could have", and "should have" guilt. Kindness and understanding are so important in supporting other people. How can we best exemplify this in Winnemucca? Your insight please...

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