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Early Detection Makes a Difference

Blog #4

Early Detection

While there is no cure of Alzheimer’s disease and many other forms of dementia, early diagnosis and supportive care can improve quality of life. An early and accurate diagnosis can allow a person in the early stages to be a full participant in planning for care including:

· Advance Directives

· Legal and Financial Affairs

· Arranging for future care

The CDC Roadmap can:

· Accelerate risk reduction, calling attention to traumatic brain injury, smoking, diet, physical activity, cardiovascular risk, and other modifiable risk factors

· Advance early detection and diagnosis by ensuring healthcare professionals have the best evidence on dementia and dementia caregiving.

· Ensure safety and quality of care by offering information, guidance, and supportive resources

Humboldt General Hospital – 1-775-623-5222

Age- and Dementia-Friendly Winnemucca and Humboldt County –

Winnemucca RSVP (Rural Senior Volunteer Program – transportation; care)


Humboldt Volunteer Hospice – 1-775-625-4040

Power Tools for Caregivers information and registration – 1-702-616-4912

Genesis Health Care – 1-775-625-1002

VARN – Volunteer Attorneys for Rural Nevada – 1-775-883-8296

Winnemucca Pleasant Senior Center – 1-775-623-9233

Sanford Center for Aging at UNR – 1-775-784-4774


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